There is no wrong way to travel in retirement, but there is an affordable way to see the world. If you’ve got your heart set on an outback adventure, you can still explore without blowing your retirement travel budget. Here are a few tips to get you started from Designated Retirements.

See a World Down Under

The retirement life doesn’t have to be retiring. In fact, traveling in retirement is a great way to stay mentally sharp and continue to learn. If you’re nervous about culture shock due to travel in a place with an unfamiliar language, Australia presents a fantastic middle of the road solution. You’ll be able to learn about a new culture without having to learn a new language. Come see all there is to do.

Start with the Free Attractions

Due to a relatively small population and lack of competition, commercial attractions and travel taxes can add up quickly. However, there are plenty of sites to see that won’t cost you anything. In Sydney, for example, Art Gallery is absolutely free to visit, although you’ll need tickets for some exhibits. Lonely Planet lists several other area attractions, including Brontë Park, that won’t require a wave of your wallet.

Consider a Road Trip

There’s no better way to experience new sites and sounds than by car, but renting a car can be expensive. In addition to your standard rental fees and fuel, you may also be on the hook for extra mileage. Road tripping is a great way to get to campsites around the country. There’s nothing like the experience of sleeping under an outback sky.

Book a Bed at a Hostel

If you enjoy being around people, a hostel is the perfect solution to the problem of expensive accommodations. A hostel will cost you around $30 per night compared to $100 or more for a cheap hotel. If you’re going to be staying a while, you can even ask the owners about a discounted rate in exchange for cleaning or doing maintenance.

Learn How to Cook

If you’re not already handy in the kitchen, now’s the time to hone your culinary skills. A hostel won’t come with a kitchen, but if you opted for an AirBnB or VRBO, grab your apron. You can save hundreds of dollars per week by cashing in on produce at the many farmers market scattered around the country. Australian Traveler editors suggest these 10 farmers markets and offer tips on how to get the most out of each.

Time Your Visit Wisely

If you’re traveling from the US or UK, you should know that December, January, and February are summer months in Australia, meaning it’s the busiest and most expensive time to visit. Consider booking a flight and accommodations for the shoulder seasons of spring and fall.

Get Your Sea Legs

If you don’t mind bouncing from port to port and won’t succumb to seasickness, consider booking a cruise. Cruises are considered one of the most affordable ways to travel and offer princely accommodations on a pauper’s budget. keeps a rotating list of budget-friendly cruises in Australia and New Zealand. There’s currently an April 2022 cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines from Brisbane to New Zealand listed for $115 per person, which includes accommodations, food, and an onboard credit. This changes often, however. Check with your travel agent to find out what cruises are available during your vacation timeline.

Don’t let a small travel budget stop you from seeing the world in retirement. PLAN AHEAD AND INVESTIGATE! You will have expenses, of course, but if you’re smart and willing to make some adjustments to your schedule, you can easily afford to see a place that’s rich with culture and history.

If you’re planning trips in retirement, consider Australia! It is full of fantastic sites, landscapes, people and fun. It is unique and affordable if you plan ahead.

At Designated Retirements, Edward Morton has done extensive research into retirement issues, focusing specifically on financial planning and time management. We provide an easy process which allows you to develop a plan that ensures you are accomplishing what is important to YOU in retirement. Reach out today for more information!

Photo by Catarina Sousa via Pexels

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