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We provide an easy process which allows you to develop a plan that ensures you are accomplishing what is important to YOU in retirement.

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After completing his research, he was concerned that the issue of time management was not adequately addressed in retirement planning..


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Use the step by step process within the Designed Retirements® application to define your retirement.

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Come back to use the web application on a regular basis to update your plan and enjoy your journey in retirement.

The Book: “DESIGNING YOUR TIME IN RETIREMENT: How to Optimize Your Retirement for Contentment and Success”

“DESIGNING YOUR TIME IN RETIREMENT: How to Optimize Your Retirement for Contentment and Success” is an integral resource for understanding the Designed Retirements process and also provides excellent information on preparing for retirement. The book uses an example of a fictitious user that steps you through the Designed Retirements® process, culminating in a Master Plan as well as a Three-Month Plan for the person in the example... read more


“I found the DESIGNED RETIREMENTS process very helpful, simple to use, and one that I will recommend to others who are retired. I finally have a plan and direction for my retirement.”

Robert P.

“DESIGNED RETIREMENTS has been a real asset for my wife and myself. We were watching too much television and literally wasting our time. Now know what we want to do, when and why. I want to thank the DESIGNED RETIREMENTS team for developing such a dynamic, helpful process.”

Bob B.

“What can I say? I have been searching for a simple, easy to use process to focus on my retirement goals and DESIGNED RETIREMENTS has met the need. Kudos to DESIGNED RETIREMENTS. I now have purpose.”

Fred D.

“We are a few years from retirement and have planned well financially, but we never really focused on the “what do we want to accomplish” question. We completed the DESIGNED RETIREMENTS process and now know our goals. Prior to completing the process, what to do was cloudy. Now it is clear.”

Therese N.

We are always here for your support 24/7 online.

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