What Are Others Saying?

“I found the DESIGNED RETIREMENTS process very helpful, simple to use, and one that I will recommend to others who are retired. I finally have a plan and direction for my retirement.”

Robert P.

“DESIGNED RETIREMENTS has been a real asset for my wife and myself. We were watching too much television and literally wasting our time. Now know what we want to do, when and why. I want to thank the DESIGNED RETIREMENTS team for developing such a dynamic, helpful process.”

Bob B.

“What can I say? I have been searching for a simple, easy to use process to focus on my retirement goals and DESIGNED RETIREMENTS has met the need. Kudos to DESIGNED RETIREMENTS. I now have purpose.”

Fred D.

“We are a few years from retirement and have planned well financially, but we never really focused on the “what do we want to accomplish” question. We completed the DESIGNED RETIREMENTS process and now know our goals. Prior to completing the process, what to do was cloudy. Now it is clear.”

Therese N.

“I found retirement boring. A round of golf, a happy hour, and then the same thing all week. There had to be something more to retirement. DESIGNED RETIREMENTS allowed me to really do some self-searching, confront my ennui, and take action. The goals are up to me and I’m moving forward with a plan. Thank you.”

Gary H.

“I will be retiring next year, and until I found DESIGNED RETIREMENTS, I had no real plan or structure as to what I would do with my time. Now I look forward to retiring and my wife and I have created a plan that allows us both to do what we discussed, but never really focused on. We will do the trips we postponed all those years, but will also do more expansive activities to enliven our lives. This will be fun!”

John W.

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