11 Things to Do with Your Retirement


After several decades of working ourselves to the bone, we’ve finally made it to our retirement. Perhaps the biggest aspect that we look forward to is simply being able to relax. However, despite our retirement age, we likely still have some energy. We don’t want to sit on a beach or at home all day. For those who are retired and still interested in doing something that fulfills their days, we need a plan. We need something that ensures we’ll spend our retirement money and time with a purpose. If we’re looking for ways to spend your retirement, then consider these 11 ideas.


  1. Budget


The very first action that we should take is setting up a budget. Typically, we only have a set amount of money with little else coming adding into it. That money needs to last us through the rest of our lives. Set aside enough money to pay for any rental or mortgage payments that we’re still making. Those are hard-bills that we have to pay no matter what. The softer bills are those we still need to pay but can adjust depending on our lifestyle. Things like electricity, phone charges, internet charges, and the like, can be altered if we use them less. Once we know our budget, we can then start planning things to do in retirement.


  1. Buy An RV


For those of us who love to travel, then we should invest our money into an RV. It’s one of the easiest ways to get around without costing too much. We can simply go state to state and visit all of the great sites that they offer. If we ever feel like simply staying somewhere for a while, then we just need to release the anchor at a campground or RV park and enjoy our time there. Having an RV opens up numerous possibilities for traveling and exploring. If we decide to live in the RV, it can also completely erase rent and mortgage payments.


  1. Move Somewhere Quiet


For those of us who have spent the past few decades working in the city, it may be high time for an environment that’s quieter. Why not move to the countryside? We have a decent amount of money to buy a small cottage out in the woods or on the shore. After selling the home that we’ve been investing in for years, we should have a decent amount of money to buy a small home. The quiet and peaceful environment is exactly what we need after the hustle and bustle of the city. Buying a small cottage in the countryside is one of the best ways to spend your retirement because it offers us a place to relax and grow old after all of the hard work we’ve performed.


  1. Open A Business


Just because we’re done working for the man doesn’t mean that we want to be done working entirely. Perhaps we’ve always had a dream business that we’ve wanted to start. It may seem silly to open up a brand new business in our twilight years but the timing has never been more perfect. The business may bring in extra income that can further add to our retirement savings. More than that, however, the business isn’t just for income. It’s a passion of ours. It’s sure to bring us a lot of fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction.


  1. Acquire A Part-Time Job


One problem that a lot of folks retiring may face is a lack of retirement money. Perhaps we were cheated out of it or we had to use some money to cover an emergency. In this case, we can still retire but it may be prudent to also acquire a part-time job. Long gone are the days where we needed to work a full shift. A part-time job can help bolster our finances and give us just a bit more spending money every month. More importantly, it still keeps us fit and involved with the community. The best part is that we can leave whenever we want.


  1. laptopTeach


Another great way to spend our retirement is to teach others based on the experiences that we’ve had. We’ve lived a long life already. There’s a lot of small nuggets of wisdom and advice that we can share with others. We don’t need to actually join a school or anything. However, we could start a class in a local library or even online. Teaching the next generation about a certain subject can help us feel as though we’re still giving back to society.


  1. Volunteer


If we’re still looking for things to do in retirement that make us feel empowered and important, then we should volunteer. All we need to do is look at the local newspaper or read ads online to find positions. There are always events and charities being held that need volunteers. All we need to do is choose an event or charity that we feel excited about helping or that we’re interested in. Volunteering is a great way to connect with others and sometimes receive a few perks along the way.


  1. Spend Time With Family


Work can severely cripple the amount of time that we get to spend with our family. In our retirement, we can make amends. Visit the family regularly and watch them grow and develop. As time goes on, everyone is going to wish they had spent more time with their family. Even something as simple as offering to babysit our grandkids can be a great way to stay connected with the family.


  1. Start/Join A Club


If we have a particular hobby or interest that we love, then we should join a club. We have a lot more time to devote to that hobby now. We can even find new friends who also love that hobby. If there aren’t any clubs for our particular hobby, then we should take the plunge and make one. Clubs are a great way to have a fun time and get out of the house now and then.


  1. Write A Book


Through all of the years that we’ve lived, we likely have a few things to say. We’ve seen a lot of history. Why not write it down so it’s never forgotten? It doesn’t have to be the next Shakespeare, but there are plenty of people who can benefit from reading the story that we have to tell. Even future generations in the family may be curious about their own lineage and family history.


  1. Travel


Last, but certainly not least, we should travel. Exploring is an incredible way to develop no matter what our age may be. Don’t just stick around in our native country either. Take the plunge to explore other countries and other cultures, too. We should never stop learning.


Planning retirement can be difficult. We don’t want to overspend our income and then find ourselves working a full-time job again in order to pay the bills. Our retirement should instead be filled with new adventures and connecting with loved ones. To help us plan for our retirement, we can utilize the services of Designed Retirements. By carefully planning our retirement, we can tackle all of the ideas listed above and then some. Check out our helpful retirement tool and start planning for a successful and empowering retirement today.


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