Moving and settling into a new place can be stressful and difficult at any age. But when you’re a senior moving into your retirement home exhaustion, frustration and annoyance can quickly overtake excitement and anticipation. This is why you should put some extra effort into making your new place a happy home. Read on to learn how.

Get the Chores Done

There are always chores to do when you move into a new home, so get them out of the way first thing. One of the best ways to complete this task is to make a list and keep it updated as you go.  You might have to do some cleaning, for instance. Wipe down surfaces, and even rent a steam cleaner for carpets if you feel they need it. Also, survey your new house for maintenance tasks. You might find some squeaky doors, sticky cabinets, or leaky pipes. Fix them yourself if you have the skills, or hire a handyman service to help. But make a list, so you don’t forget anything.  Also, don’t neglect setting up utilities and changing your address either.

Decorate Indoors

When you finish the chores, start personalizing your new home. Begin indoors with a few projects designed to put your own stamp on several rooms. You might paint or put up wallpaper, for instance. Swap out light fixtures, or hang shelves for displaying your favorite collections. You can even turn an extra room into a hobby or game room to suit your needs. You’ll have a blast adding special touches to each room, and your new place will start feeling like home.  But make it enjoyable by taking your time and enjoying the work as opposed to rushing to get it all done.

Make Your Outdoors Fantastic

Don’t neglect your outdoor spaces. If you have a deck or patio, you might purchase some comfortable furniture, install a fire pit, or even construct an outdoor kitchen. Plant some flowers, too, and perhaps set up a pergola with a seating area in the corner of your yard. If you’re feeling quite ambitious (and it fits your budget), you might even add a pool. Whatever you decide, turn your outdoor areas into a fantastic living space.

Add Security

As you settle into your new home, you should give some thought to adding an extra level of security. This might mean simply changing locks to make them more secure and examining windows and doors for possible security issues. It may also involve installing a full security system with cameras and monitoring. Your choice will depend on your neighborhood, your budget, and your personal level of comfort. Research security companies carefully. Read reviews online, and get quotes in writing before choosing a company that fits your needs.

Purchase Home Insurance

Finally, you should purchase home insurance to protect yourself in case of a disaster. Finding the best insurance rates begins with some online research, but also talk to an insurance agent who can explain how they determine rates by factors such as location, replacement costs, and the age or condition of your home. Get several quotes that reflect a variety of coverage levels, deductibles, benefits, and premiums, then determine which one is right for you.

Enjoy Your Happy Home

Settling into your new place will take some time and effort. But if you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll soon find that you can sit back and enjoy your happy home. Check out the Florida-based Designed Retirements website for more ideas.

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